Despite producing musical atrocities for the past 15 years, Metallica can still hold their heads high (assuming decades of head banging hasn’t damaged their necks). Back in the ‘80s, while Poison was parading around in Aqua Net-infused hair and singing songs about roses in relation to thorns, Metallica delivered pure sonic fury. Perhaps their most notable anthem, the war-inspired “One,” dealt with the inner hell of a man left limbless and begging for death. It was some heavy shit. But as with all great acts, the artistic fire that once raged like an inferno diminished with the passage of time. Though there are some who say Metallica’s most recent album experienced production snafus leading to a mix that was too loud, they remain a highly capable live act. And while there’s no question it’ll be loud this Thursday at Honda Center, we doubt anybody will mind.

Thu., Dec. 10, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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