Marilyn Manson

Shock-rock is so ‘90s. About 15 years ago, things were good for Marilyn Manson: He had the hits, the look (admit it: Stunning), and the panties of parents everywhere in one big collective knot. Across the country, rebellious white suburban teens obsessively worshipped him—but guess what happened? They all grew up. Manson kept putting out records, even took a turn as an artist (not as bad as you’d think, either), but his once-electrifying impact had lost it’s shock value. We knew what to expect musically, so the only thing garnering attention was the singer’s personal life: Drugs, affairs, coveting anything to do with Hitler or the bones of small children. Touring in support of his latest album, The High End of Low, Manson will be making several stops in California to delight his die-hard fans. At least he’s still interesting to look at.

Tue., Aug. 25, 7 p.m., 2009

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