La Ghost

Punk band La Ghost—with ex-members of East LA’s missed So So So—slice through quick but prickly songs like the Undertones, the Saints and the surf-punk bands on Beach Blvd. did before them, and between those three different places in the world in 1979, they find something still beating to feed on. With a guitarist with an admirable command of prime-period Link Wray guitar tone and a singer doing Smith/Hell deadpan, they managed to savage an afternoon crowd at last week’s Party Weirdo, and they left a halo of agitated ions behind them as the last amp tube cooled down. Their three-song EP is, strangely, a little softer—a little Jesus and Mary Chain, a little Howard DeVoto—but they go knives-out live, and somewhere John Peel and Posh Boy both look curiously behind them.

Fri., Nov. 27, 9 p.m., 2009

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