Kyle and Natalie; Argyle Smile; Sea to Sea

Kyle and Natalie caught our attention a few months ago due to relocating to Orange County, and their fun tunes like “Potential”– and, let's be honest, the fact that co-vocalist Natalie Distler plays Denis Leary's daughter in Rescue Me is also fairly attention-getting.
One thing they haven't done, though, is play a lot of local shows. Or shows at all. Thankfully, that's changing very soon, as Kyle and Natalie are set to take the Detroit Bar stage next Tuesday, September 1 (coincidentally, the same day as the Rescue Me season five finale). Also on the bill: one of our absolute faves, Argyle Smile (read our Locals Only on them here), and Set to Sea, who just played the Warped Tour (and hey, they were in Locals Only, too!). Free! Good times nearly guaranteed!

Tue., Sept. 1, 9 p.m., 2009

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