Jon Lovitz

Everyone who has ever heard of Andy Dick wants to punch him in the face. So when Jon Lovitz gave Dick a proper beat-down in 2007 at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory, we all felt a twinge of jealousy. The incident bolstered people’s opinion of the Lovitz considerably, especially since his punch had purpose. Lovitz had been a colleague of Phil Hartman’s from their early days in the Groundlings comedy troupe and their years together on Saturday Night Live, and many people close to the situation partly blame Dick for Hartman’s 1998 murder at the hands of his cokehead wife (Dick had supplied her with drugs). Plus, Dick had reportedly threatened Lovitz by saying, “I put the ‘Phil Hartman hex’ on you—you’re the next one to die,” which is enough to piss anyone off. Months after the brawl, Lovitz opened a comedy club in San Diego to rave reviews, and the place remains a success today. Go watch this stand-up guy do some standup comedy.

Fri., Sept. 11, 8 N 10 p.m., 2009

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