With a nation of Americans still shell-shocked by recession and striving toward simplicity, it seems ironic that New York band Fun, with such a marked penchant for sonic excess, could find an audience. Then again, what indie band worth its salt would dare not worship at the altar of irony? Chanelling the harmonic bombast of Freddy Mercury, and mingling it with sixties chamber pop as well as choral gospel, Fun manages to create an immense yet schizophrenic tapestry with the musical ambition of Arcade Fire—call it “mercurial freak rock,” Fun is like a mangled car collision you just have to gawk at. Go see them this Sunday, and if it turns out their truncated moniker is merely another hackneyed ironic expression, you can always thumb through Fingerprint’s used vinyl selection.

Sun., Aug. 30, 7 p.m., 2009

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