Down and Derby Roller Disco

Dennis (of Long Beach’s Good Foot) and Riley have done for L.A. roller disco at Space Is The Place what true funk believer Dam-Funk did for L.A. funk—keep the dream living despite an unforgiving world—and now Down And Derby swoops in with reinforcements and a whole new place to skate.
D&D trades heavily and happily on low-budget ‘70s atmosphere, but packs plenty of modern power through the sound system. At its traditional home, the Echoplex, D&Ders enjoy performances by, say, hip-hop jerkwomen the Pink Dollaz, but this first foray into Pomona will be led by DJs from L.A.
net radio collective dublab—who routinely deploy the most perfect music possible for any given situation—plus up-and-coming cosmic funk producer SFV Acid and Italo-disco pseudonymer Suzanne Kraft. Skate rental is on site, but you are responsible for your own impressive socks.

Sun., Nov. 22, 6 p.m., 2009

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