Art Brut

Using rock-n-roll as a vehicle to confront personal demons is nothing new. But a band willing to go toe-to-toe with Satan? That’s a rarity in the world of deadpan, punk hybrids. Art Brut’s latest album, Art Brut vs. Satan (Cooking Vinyl), takes their rough and tumble ambition to the studio—and sees the band beating the devil out of their instruments as gap-toothed front man Eddie Argos purges one gritty, sarcastic tale after another. And with the help of Pixies front man/producer Frank Black on this album, the band has definitely learned how to properly deliver the raw aggression they feed off of onstage and, of course, successfully throw down with the Dark Lord. This week, the guitar-heavy five piece brings fiery, self-deprecating tracks like “Am I Normal” and “Alcoholics Unanimous” to the Glass House.

Thu., Oct. 29, 7 p.m., 2009

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