2nd Annual Invitational Custom Car and Bike Show

When a car club names itself the Mofos, you’d expect its get-togethers to be hell-raising, shit-kicking rumbles comprised of scary-looking dudes who’d cut their own mothers if they so much as scratched their rides. You’d expect that, but you’d be wrong because the group’s 2nd Annual Invitational Custom Car and Bike Show is full of love and charity. The event includes pre-1965 American automobiles, American and British motorcycles, t-shirts, raffles, donation booths and an appearance by Jennifer McCart, a 30-year-old Orange resident who was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. The good people at Henry’s Bar and Grill are donating 25 percent of the gathering’s profits to her and the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation/Cancer Center. So the Mofos got a tough name—but they also have their hearts in the right place.

Sat., Aug. 15, noon, 2009

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