Eat This Now: Chorizo Omelette at Cafe Cup

Breakfast is the main course in Huntington Beach, and one of my go-to Surf City morning spots is Cafe Cup, a slender restaurant in a shopping plaza where the service is almost as fast as a hot rod blazing down Beach. Everything is good at this sister spot to Long Beach’s iconic diner, but let’s give a special shoutout to the chorizo omelette.

Not only are the eggs silky and the potatoes crunchy, the chorizo is properly oily and spicy like they do in SanTana. Better yet, an order comes with three syrup containers filled with house salsas: mild, spicy, and green. While the latter two are fine, the mild salsa is downright miraculous: more savory than fiery, but with an herbaceous taste that satisfies like few mild salsas can. It reminds me of the legendary El Pato Tomato Sauce, one of my favorite snacks of all timeā€”and if I’m comparing your product to the stuff I’ve stocked in my house since childhood, you know you’ve pleased this Mexican.

5930 Warner Ave., Huntington Beach, (714) 840-8991;

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