Buy Your Tickets for Artopia 2014 Today for the Presale Special!

Our readers know how much we like to party, and we especially like it when they come party with us! This week, you can purchase presale tickets to our annual Artopia event, a sexy feast for the eyes and the belly.


Last year's event, held at the Yost Theater, was a smashing success. We had tons of food and drinks to sample, as well as visual and performance art. This year's Artopia will be held on Saturday, March 22 at Muzeo in Anaheim. Along with bringing in our own entertainment and celebrating our OC People 2014 issue, the museum will house Vincent Gallo's “Con Safos” exhibit. We'll also try something new this year by hosting a flair bartending competition among local bartenders.

Tickets go on sale Friday, but you can purchase presale tickets until Thursday with the code OCEDIT. Check out our Artopia website for the nuts and bolts of the evening, and buy your tickets here. See you at Artopia–BUY NOW!!

Email: lp********@oc******.com.
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