Buy USA Forever!

I can talk crap on America for days, but politics and the medical industry aside, we know how to make products that last—and it's important we continue to support those products and, in turn, our economy. Items made in China have a reputation for falling apart because when company greed sends jobs overseas, it's about quantity, not quality.

Ever encountered a 1950s appliance or taken a close look at your grandmother's clothes? They still work! For the most part, American-made products are the same today. Yeah, they tend to be more expensive, but the item will last longer, saving you from purchasing another in the near future (which also makes it easier on the environment).

Unfortunately, buying USA-made isn't always easy, and you have to carefully read descriptions. I once ordered an expensive camera bag that touted its handmade, small-production, hipster qualities only to find a giant MADE IN CHINA sticker on the inside.

So, unless a company speaks frankly about its production, you cannot assume anything. Here are some brands to trust:

This husband-and-wife-run company produces in Nashville. The selection is curated and limited, but priceless. At $225 for a pair of jeans, your wallet will hurt, but the jeans will last forever; even the denim is made in America.

At 150 years old, Frye still keeps most of its production—everything from cowboy boots to ankle boots to high heels—in the U.S., and you can shop exclusively by that line.

Everyone loves to hate American Apparel, but it produces everything in downtown LA. Like it or not, American Apparel's clothes hold up. Plus, most pieces are perfect for a minimalist wardrobe. Just don't forget some nip.

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