Burger Records Creates Its First Real Burger!

Some would say that international acclaim, a cassette tape revolution, fancy write ups in the New York Times and parade of sold-out festivals are sure signs that Burger Records has finally made it to the big leagues. To that we say…nay! The true sign of this OC-based label's success happened only recently and it's actually about as simple as it gets—the dudes finally created a real burger to call their own.

Last weekend, label founders Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard debuted their beefy new creation, dubbed the Hangover Burger, alongside chef Joseph Mahon at Burger Parlor in Fullerton. A Burger burger named after a Burger festival? That's marketing on top of marketing right there. Using Mahon's world-class chef skills, the Burger guys designed this masterpiece as the perfect cure to nurse Saturday night's PBR binge. Served as a specialty item exclusively on Sundays, it seems appropriate for a label that treats their consumption of burgers like a religion. We talked briefly with chef Mahon about what went into this tasty monstrosity. But mostly, we're just using this as an excuse to tease you with some food porn. See a close up photo of the Hangover Burger after the jump.


Now for a closer look…check out that bad boy. Dayyyummm!

OC Weekly (Nate Jackson): How did you and the Burger Records guys first conceive of the Hangover Burger?

Joseph Mahon: I like Sean and Lee and I love Burger Records and what they stand for. Their business is influential in their own industry and I thought it was a great opportunity for two local businesses to get together and take advantage of each other's strengths. I went to the record shop two or three times and left a business card and we crossed paths, I threw out the idea and they loved it. So we just started getting the ball rolling from there. I felt that burger itself had to represent Burger Records and what they wanted. It's the first type of collaboration I've ever done like that. But the more and more I get into business, the more I realize that we're in it to serve our guests and when we're cross-pollinating with a brand like Burger, the best thing is to let them be them. So Lee and Sean came up with a crazy combination of ingredients that really work well. It's probably gonna be on our menu for a very, very long time.

So what's in it?

It's 50 percent blended Nebraska beef, 50 percent chorizo with a roasted Serrano chili aioli, aged white cheddar, caramelized onions, crushed avocado, applewood smoked bacon and a fried egg. What's unique about the Burger is we have these proprietary sourdough buns that I worked on for two and a half months. It adds a uniqueness that not a lot of our burgers have. We finally got the recipe right so I'm happy about that. I definitely tested Sean and Lee's patience because it took so long to get that right with the baker.

It's available only on Sundays?
For now, yes.

How was the recent debut event for the burger at Burger Parlor?
It was chaotic. The first hundred people kids got all the free Burger Parlor/ Burger Record pins and stickers and then the place was packed for about three and a half hours, we just got bum rushed. I was anticipating a busy Sunday, but this was particularly special. We were sold out of burgers by 1:30 p.m. It was a nice community atmosphere, a lot of social circles came together in the name of the Hangover Burger. Really, that's what it's all about.

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