Burger Lounge To Open In Irvine

The San Diego-based Burger Lounge chain that started out in 2007 in La Jolla and touting itself as “The Original Grass-Fed Burger” is planning its first Orange County location in Irvine at Los Olivos Marketplace, which is located on the south side of the 405 on Irvine Center Drive.


Burger Lounge already has 8 other locations in San Diego County, 6 in LA County, and one in Temecula. If you haven't been to any of those, Burger Lounge's signature sandwich is the so-called Lounge Burger made with grass-fed beef and a bun composed from a blend of organic wheat and white flour with molasses.

When it opens, it joins other newfangled “better burger” chains Smashburger, Five Guys, The Counter, G Burger, The Habit, Umami Burger, and Mooyah, all of which recently opened in the Irvine area. Does Shake Shack dare enter the ring now?

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