Burger King Introduces Two More $5 “Chef's Choice” Burgers

Would you pay $5 for a burger at Burger King? How about if they called it “Chef's Choice”? And used a 1/3 pound patty instead of the usual quarter pound they use for the Whopper? And topped it with bacon? And bleu cheese?


This weekend the chain announced a new line of burgers called exactly this. They hope to make you forget that a typical BK drive-thru doesn't, um, how do I put this, employ what could technically be called “chefs”.

There are three new burgers in all, which is two more since the original BK Chef's Choice Burger was launched last October. That one has bacon, American cheese, red onion, Romaine leaf lettuce, something called “Griller sauce” under an “artisan” bun.

A new “Bacon and Bleu BK Chef's Choice Burger” adds bleu cheese and mayo in lieu of the “Griller sauce”; and a new “Bacon Cheddar BBQ BK Chef's Choice Burger” substitutes Cheddar for the American and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce instead of the default.

So would you pay $5 for it? Or you would much you rather do what an NPR reporter did last week and pay $10 for everything on the menu, including an apple pie, to be added as a topping to his Whopper?

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