Burger King Introduces Black Truffle Angus Burger In Hong Kong

While Taco Bell foists another Frankenstein's monster food item on us made from the interchangeable parts of its existing menu, the other parts of the world get actual innovation from their fast food restaurants. 

We heard about the Pizza Hut in England's hot-dog-stuffed pizza crusts and the grilled-apple burger from Burger King in Japan. Now comes the Black Truffle Angus XT, offered by Burger King's in Hong Kong. The sandwiches, made with extra thick patties, are slathered in a mayo flavored with the costly fungus and doesn't use lettuce, but endive. 
Ooo la di da! 


Surprisingly, it costs about $5, which is a steal when you compare it to the nearly $16 that Wendy's in Japan used to charge when it offered a foie-gras-and-truffle burger.
Of course, before Burger King attempts such upgrades in the States, perhaps it should focus on first making a burger that I would actually willingly eat. Oh no I didn't!
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