Burger King Introduces Apple-Topped Burger in Japan

If it would seem a bizarre coincidence that Burger King in Japan is introducing a grilled apple-topped burger the same week Apple unveiled its new iPad, it probably is. But that isn't stopping a few bloggers to make the enticing connection, especially because BK Japan also named a Whopper after Windows 7 in 2009.

Or does the BK RiNGO (that's what it's called) have to do with that
other Ringo? There was, after all, a celebrity look-a-like meme a while
ago that pointed out that the Beatle bears an uncanny resemblance to the creepy Burger King

Ringo Starr Totally Looks Like The Burger King
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Or here's a head tripper: Ringo was in the Beatles, whose label was Apple Records! Is Burger King trying to blow our minds?

Or perhaps Occam's Razor should apply here. Ringo, it turns out, is just the Japanese word for “apple”.

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