Burger Boss Makes Its Way to Orange County

On Thursday, Orange County welcomed its newest burger joint, Burger Boss, to Mission Viejo with a full-blown party. By the time Boss’ doors opened at 10:30 in the morning, a DJ was spinning remixes of today’s hits as health fair vendors such as ZICO Coconut Water and 24 Hour Fitness handed out free goodies. And, of course, customers were already chowing down on custom-made burgers and fries.

Burger Boss puts a healthy twist on America’s favorite sandwich and still tastes good while doing so. All beef served is grass-fed; the chicken is raised cage-free; cheeses are fresh; all vegetables are locally sourced. The whole restaurant is antibiotic and hormone free, and even offers gluten and allergy-free buns and gluten-free sauces. 
Already established in Riverside County and set to open four more locations in O.C., Burger Boss boasts an expansive menu with five steps. First, choose your protein: classic beef, chicken, or turkey? And don’t think this healthy hotspot forgot about you, vegans—Boss offers freshly made black bean patties. 
Next, select a bun. Whether it’s white kaiser, wheat grain, or gluten free, all buns are perfectly toasted. For those looking to save the extra carbs for the fries, lettuce wraps and lettuce bowls are also available. Steps three and four are all about cheeses and sauces, respectively. Pick between seven cheeses and 15 unlimited sauces to make your burger extra personal. Step five is for toppings, which are also unlimited. Top your burger off with anything from vine-ripe tomatoes, crispy pickles, and grilled jalapeños to turkey bacon, egg, and pineapple. 

If “bossing” (their verb, not mine) a burger isn’t overwhelming enough, customers also have the chance to “boss” French fries. “Boss Fries,” whether fresh cut or sweet potato, come doused in cheddar cheese sauce and adorned with any type of sauce and topping that eager eaters desire. 
If I could give Boss newbies any advice, it’s to go crazy on the sauces. They’re free, unlimited, and the weirdest combos actually taste the best (ketchup, 1000 Island, and garlic herb mayo, anyone?). Well, that, and to go there on an empty stomach. Enjoy!

Burger Boss, 27690-B Santa Margarita Pkwy., Mission Viejo, (949) 916-1212, burgerboss.com

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