Built to Spill

Record Store Day this year was even sweeter than usual for Built To Spill fans thanks to the release of the much-anticipated new album Untethered Moon, a resounding and reassuring return to form that put to rest persistent rumors of band retirement. (Next-most-recent album There Is No Enemy came out ages ago in 2009, and a six-year gap these days makes people worry.) But Built To Spill is arguably more fiery than ever on Moon, which not only maintains their characteristic Dinosaur Jr-via-Crazy Horse riffery but makes room for a little enthusiastic experimentation, too, like the Sandinista-y rocker “C.R.E.B.” By all accounts, founder Doug Martsch is plugged back into whatever powerful force inspired his best music—turns out it’s maybe better to not burn out or fade away at all, if you can help it!

Sat., July 18, 8 p.m., 2015

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