Build-Your-Own Pizza Comes to Santa Ana, Get It By Donating Some Money to Charity

Looks like Santa Ana's going to be the next city in Orange County to get a fancy build-your-own pizza joint. PizzaRev, a Blaze Pizza / Pieology-style pizzeria will be opening the doors of its corner store on Bristol Street and MacArthur next Thursday, Aug. 14.

And hey, they know how to celebrate a grand opening. Customers will get to choose how much they pay for a personal pizza on the first business day. Yes, you can pick zero, but don't be a jerk because all of the pizza proceeds that day will be donated to the Angels RBI League, a youth-serving nonprofit. The suggested donation is $8.


Then there's the sweepstakes: You can sign up for a drawing to win one year of free pizza. There will be five total winners, and you can find the link here: Link.

Interested? The exact address is 3605 S. Bristol St. It'll be open every day of the week
from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m starting Aug. 14.

Good luck, everybody.

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