Bruxie Costa Mesa Opens Nov. 19

One day after closing its Rancho Santa Margarita location permanently due to “noxious odors,” Bruxie, the Chapman-founded waffle giant to-be, announced the opening date of its new Costa Mesa location today through their Facebook page. Bruxie Costa Mesa will open bright and early (at 8 a.m.) on Nov. 19 on 17th and Santa Ana, in the location formerly held by Greek Town Grill (279 E. 17th Street).

Talk about following bad news with good.


Looks like the staff who worked at Bruxie RSM and are transferring to Costa Mesa won't have to wait too long to get back to work.

This will be Bruxie number six of probably a whole lot to come. It would've been number seven, but like I said earlier, Rancho Santa Margarita closed yesterday. When's the next one coming to South County? We don't know yet, but the opening of the Costa Mesa location means there's currently no expansion in process, and what with the infusion of investment cash that happened after Costa Mesa was announced, I can't imagine will last long.

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