Bruce Springsteen Announces SoCal Date; Eight Potential Guests To Join Him Onstage

Though there have been rumblings for some time, Bruce Springsteen and what's left of the E Street Band will be returning to Southern California for the first time since 2009's Working on A Dream tour.
Springsteen will be playing at the Los Angeles Sports Arena on April 26 with tickets to go on-sale February 3. Hopefully more shows will be added, as there's a wee bit of room between his previous gig in San Jose, and the next one at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Springsteen's live shows are stuff of legend and he can pull some of the best to come on stage with him. After the jump, a list of some of Springsteen's best live collaborations and likelihood to happen in LA.
(Repeat, SOME, because if I list em all, we can be here for weeks. Sorry if I forgot anyone). 

Tom Morello, 2008, 2009: Having covered “Ghost of Tom
with Rage Against The Machine and as The Nightwatchman, Morello
popped up on stage in both 2008 at the Honda Center and 2009 at the Los
Angeles Sports Arena, trading vocals with The Boss and lending his
distinct guitar to the tune. Both were incredibly riveting versions and
he's the odds on favorite to see some stage time here in Southern

Mike Ness, 2009: Man, this was a shocker! On the
second night of the aforementioned tour, Springsteen surprised everyone
by not only inviting Ness on stage, but also covering Social D's “Bad
If that wasn't enough, Ness stayed to do backing vocals for “The
Rising.” To say that both these performances didn't kick ass would be a
lie. Another one that may happen again

Eddie Vedder, 2002, 2004:
This happened during The Rising tour
in Chicago, when Vedder was pulled on-stage by Springsteen to sing a
stirring version of “My Hometown.” In 2004, he played at the Springsteen
organized Voters For Change tour and on the tour's last stop in New
Jersey, the Pearl Jam frontman played guitar and sang “No Surrender,”
“Darkness On The Edge of Town,” and his own “Betterman” with the band.
Definitely worth checking out, but definitely isn't happening here in
Los Angeles as Vedder is embarking on a solo tour of his own, but could
go down at Jazz Fest.

John Fogerty, 2004:
Same tour, different collaboration. As one
of Springsteen's heroes, it was great to see him ceding the spotlight to
Fogerty, who great in his own right hasn't sustained superstardom like
The Boss has. Here's to another collaboration between the two. Odds of
it happening, not likely

Jackson Browne, 2004: Same tour, sense a theme (that Voters For Change tour rocked)? It was interesting to hear the two of them trade vocals, especially in light of their way different voices. Could be a candidate for a Southern California appearance.

Bono, 1987:
The unlikeliest of them all. Bruce popped up on stage with U2 during the Joshua Tree tour for a cover of “Stand By Me” and the tune still sounds awesome over 20 years later. Would this appearance get the crowd riled up or what? But I wouldn't count on it.

Peter Wolf, 2003, 2006, 2007: Performed with Springsteen in Boston at Fenway Park with the band, and on his solo work with The Sessions Band, along with the band again at the building formerly known as the Boston Garden. Likelihood? Minimal.

Gaslight Anthem, 2009, 2011:
From Springsteen's hometown in New Jersey, these rockers have won the Boss's heart and mind, which isn't easy to do. He's performed with them multiple times, including at Glastonbury and Hard Rock Calling in London in 2009 and at a club gig in New Jersey just last year. See, and some people thought The Boss lost touch with the kids. But is it gonna happen here? No.

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