Brother Osborne

John and TJ Osborne come from a musical family: along with their parents, they’d write songs, jam together, and put on performances for friends and family in their backyard shed (which they later turned into a home recording studio). With John on guitar and TJ on second guitar and vocals, the two would inevitably form Brothers Osborne which, essentially, is the male counterpart of the Taylor Swift pop/country genre. Though the core of their debut album Brothers Osborne (2014) is identifiably country, it also contains catchy hooks common in pop and elements of soul thanks to John’s fluid guitar bends and emotional soloing. The album’s multilayered sound (each instrument has its own melody to follow and turn, ahhh) is also a refreshing change from the popular tendency to play all instruments at once.

Wed., April 22, 8 p.m., 2015

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