Brooklyn Boys Deli Closes Down

The first of what promises to be many mobile-food-truck closures has come to OC. (That's not a dig on food trucks, but an application of the success average for bricks-and-mortar restaurants to the mobile culinary industry.) Brooklyn Boys Deli, which served pastrami sandwiches and New York-style hot dogs, has shuttered, citing the poor economy.

I'd had the pleasure of eating there one night at the Bruery, and was trying to wangle another visit in order to be able to write about it here on Stick a Fork In It. Their pastrami was definitely better than California-style places like The Hat, though not nearly up to Langer's or Katz's standard.

The $10 price, which included two sides and a drink, was a stone-cold bargain compared to OC's other pastrami maven, Katella Deli, but apparently double-digits are the kiss of death for a mobile-food vendor. We'll make sure to tell Mariscos Ruben, whose $15 scallop plate is the best mobile seafood I've had in this county.

In the meantime, live vicariously through my one experience with the truck:

Totally worth $10. What a shame.

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