British Newspaper Teaches Readers “How to Eat Nachos”

Mexican food in earnest has only existed in Great Britain since around the early 1980s. In the past decade, however, restaurants like the terribly named-yet-not-bad Wahaca and pubs across the land have expanded the palates of limeys beyond curries–good for them.

Nevertheless, I couldn't help but to laugh at a recent article published by the esteemed Guardian advising readers on how to eat nachos. I understand the importance of telling the curious how to consume, say, tequila or a clayuda…but nachos. That meal that consists of chips, cheese, and whatever else you want to dump on it? Sure, you can try to class them up, but teaching someone how to each nachos is like teaching someone how to inflate a bike tire–it ain't exactly mole-making, you know?


The article is here, and you know it's full of whatever the Cockney rhyming slang is for shit when the author tells readers NOT to put refried beans, describing them as a “great adhesive if you are tiling a kitchen floor, otherwise mystifying”–this, coming from a culture that thinks baked beans and toast make a breakfast. Reading it is like peering into a time machine to the first English-language descriptions of Mexican food back in the 1880s–hip hip cheerio adiĆ³s mother fucker!

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