Brian McDaniel Really Wants To Booze it Up With Kiefer Sutherland

The best way we can think of describing Brian McDaniel is like one of those dudes that gets every topic and can wax on it with comedic ease. That probably makes no sense if you haven’t had to the chance to see McDaniel on stage live, but fear not OC, he’s headed our way. Along with Ian Bagg this Thursday through Sunday at the Irvine Improv, Brian plans to entertain the shit out of you (in a good way) so before the hijinks go down, we hit him up with some (not so) important questions and ended up wanting to drink with Kiefer. Yeah, Sutherland.  

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Since Father’s Day is coming up here, who’s your favorite TV dad?

Brian McDaniel: Hmmm…that’s interesting. Like as in a person? No fuck a person, my favorite TV dad is Homer Simpson. He’s the most entertaining and he’s been good for so long. Homer’s the best. He’s also not that stereotype Archie Bunker character.


[Laughs.] Yes. Racist. No, but that’s so often the TV dad. The guy who’s really kind of jerk but, he really loves his kids! It’s either that dad or the soft dad but he really loves his kids! Both of those dads are wack. Homer ate a stick of butter. What’s better than that? Homer is the king.

Well played on a cartoon dad. I instantly want to change my fav to Randy Marsh because he’s also Lorde. Did you ever run away from home?

I actually never ran away from home as a kid.

What about as an adult?

Well, I’m a comedian so I run away from home as much as physically possible. [Laughs.] I think that’s kind of a loaded question for sure. It’s an escape but really, it’s an escape from everything, not just home. As a kid though, I was a super good kid. I was well behaved. I was boring.

Nerd. Gotcha. So if you were on a really long flight, who’s the person you’d want to sit next to you?

I feel like Kiefer Sutherland would be the most fun to sit next to on a long flight.

What if you finally got next to him on a flight and he slept the whole time?

If he was asleep the whole time I would totally take a ton of selfies. It’d be like, Kiefer Sutherland passed the fuck out bro! #TooMuchOfThatTequilaYouveBeenSelling

OK, so after you stretch real hard, hit him, and he wakes up, what are you talking about?

You can’t just wake him up! Then he’s not going to want to talk to you! I feel like you have a solid hour before he passes out. I feel like Kiefer is going to want to drink. The first thing on the plane he’s like, come on. Let’s drink! He might get burned out after that but, I think you have a window for fun with him.

What if he’s sober?

He’s not! Well, I don’t think he is. He had some problems with drinking but I don’t know if he considered it a problem or if the world just did. Either way, he sells tequila. Like in commercials! So he can’t be sober and be the spokesperson for tequila!

Ha! I just looked it up and the first picture I see of him is with a drink. You’re right, he’s a pounder.

See? Yes! He’d be so much fun. There’s also some picture of him in a vinyl booth at a dive bar with no pants on and it’s hilarious. He’s clearly the most fun.

You’ve taught me some stuff today, Brian. How can we make a “Drinking with Kiefer” show happen? I know it’s glorifying drinking but, I’m down for that.

You know what’s weird? He’s like Charlie Sheen without all of the negative crazy. Kiefer is just a fun crazy. He’s not all dogmatic, hateful to woman, or any of that bad stuff. And, he’s an ’80s and ’90s legend and hot for the ladies. You know, everyone tries to put projects together for Charlie Sheen constantly and Kiefer Sutherland is there only doing 24. Why?

Maybe he’s still on that Lost Boys money and doesn’t need it? We gotta make this show happen. It’s in writing, it’s ours. We just have to get Kiefer on board.

Let’s do this. We already have a sponsor because of his tequila so I feel like this could happen. Also, you and I are pretty much a huge deal so we’d be the only other possible co-hosts for the show.

So true. On the first episode, he drinks with us because, who wouldn’t line up for that? OK, besides daydreaming about booze hounding with Kiefer, what’s your favorite way of wasting time?

I don’t really like wasting my time on social media but I feel like I’m addicted to it. Oh my god, I’ll just scroll and feel myself hating myself more. My brain tells me to stop, but I don’t. I’ll put it down and think, OK, time to go back.

Sadly, I’m right there with you. Give me this before you go, comedically, what President do you think will make the best material?

I think best for me, comedically, is Bernie. Let me explain why. I’m out at the clubs all of the time and the Trump jokes, people feel such a desire to make them. So it’s too easy. Trump can probably do them better than some of the comics though because Trump’s funny! The taco thing? So funny! He’s a great troll and you’re not going to be better at him than he is. I’ve seen a lot of Hillary jokes work. But it’s hard to keep it fresh with Hillary. It just gets into sexist and boring territory really fast with her comedically. With Bernie though, we don’t know that much about him so as things come out, there’ll be more fresh material. He will laugh at a joke about himself and not because he has to because he’s on camera. He will actually find it funny and I think that makes someone a much better, not even a “target” but, more of a “fountain” of material. I’d kick it with Bernie. Let’s kick it bro. Come to the comedy club!

Grab your tickets now to see Brian McDaniel with headliner Ian Bagg at the Irvine Improv June 16th through 19th, 31 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 854-5455. For tickets go to For more on Brian, check out his website and follow him on Instagram and on Twitter @BrianfMcDaniel. Also be sure to tune into Brian’s (along with DJ Cooch) podcast “The Nightlife.” 

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