Brea's Poki Monster Expands To Tustin As Even More Poke Shops Open

Several new poke shops have opened since the last time I've written about all the new poke shops that are opening. In the past three weeks, Calipoke opened in Costa Mesa and Poke Island opened in Huntington Beach.

But this article is about Poki Monster in Tustin, which is noteworthy since it is the second outlet of a poke shop that opened only earlier this summer in Brea–proving that these poke prospectors are still in a rush mentality, staking out as many claims and territory as quickly as possible. Poki Monster's new Tustin location also happens to have replaced a Hawaiian BBQ joint called Waikiki, which had been a staple of that center for at least a decade.


It may not be necessary for me to detail how Poki Monster and all the others are serving this traditional Hawaiian delicacy, because by now you already know. If one hasn't opened within 5 miles of where you are, then you can read our profile of Julian Fukue of Pokinometry, who arguably started it all.

13771 Newport Ave, Ste 10, Tustin, CA 92780

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