[BREAKING:] ROMNEY BEATS OBAMA!!!(in race for scariest presidential pumpkin head)

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has defeated President Barack Obama by 17 votes . . .

. . . in the Orange County Market Place election for scariest presidential pumpkin head.

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Despite the best efforts of owners to get people to stop calling the Market Place a “swap meet,” that's how many locals refer to the open-air shoppertunity held weekends at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa.

One attraction of the 15th annual Trick or Treat Festival at the Market Place over the weekend was the display of “Evil Mitt” and “Bone Chilling Obama” carved by Doug Goodreau of Peculiar Pumpkin Portraits. Based on the votes of passersby, when it came to the scariest likeness, Romney received 162 votes to Obama's 145.

The Market Place is marketing that as “early election results.” Or were those “eerie” returns?

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