[BREAKING] Pentagon: Former Newport Beach Couple Killed Aboard Yacht By Somali Pirates

The Adams

UPDATE, FEB. 22, 6:51 A.M.: The Pentagon reports all four passengers aboard a  yacht that was hijacked by Somali pirates are dead, including the former Newport Beach couple who owned the S/V Quest.

A Navy warship was following the S/V Quest and U.S. officials were negotiating with the pirates for the safe return of
the captured Americans when gunshots were heard this morning, reports the Department of Defense.

Yacht owners Scott and Jean Adam and their guests, Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle of Seattle, were murdered. All 19 pirates who overtook the yacht are now accounted for: Two were killed in a gunfight that ensued as U.S. forces boarded the craft, and 13 were captured. Two had previously been captured, and two had already been killed.


ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 21, 3:13 P.M.: A U.S. Navy warship and helicopters are trailing a  yacht they believe has been taken over by Somali pirates and is owned by a Marina del Rey couple who purposely charted a course into waters known to be teeming with bandits of the sea.

Scott and Jean Adam, who once lived in Newport Beach and have used Orange Coast College sailing students as crew members in the past, are believed to be aboard their yacht with Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle of Seattle.

Scott Adam

The Adams, who began a world tour in 2004, have been passing out bibles while on their travels. The pastor of their Santa Monica church said this morning the congregation is now praying for their safe return.

Scott Adam indicated several weeks ago he was concerned about pirate activity off Somalia, but unlike other yacht owners who have their rigs shipped through the dangerous waters, he insisted on sailing his tub, dubbed the S/V Quest, himself.

Jean Adam

He sailed in relative safety through dangerous Indian Ocean waters with the Blue Water Rally sailing group, but for reasons unknown, the S/V Quest broke off from the others and went it alone sometime around Tuesday.

Pirates are believed to have boarded off the coast of Oman on Friday.

The S/V Quest website, which includes Scott's and Jean's respective e-mail addresses, indicates the yacht is their home and their snail mail is collected at the Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina del Rey.

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