Bradley Stewart Wagner, Ex-Anaheim Cop, Convicted of Threatening Women With Deportation if They Did Not Have Sex With Him

To hear supporters of Arizona's controversial immigration law tell it, local law enforcement officers will do no more than follow federal law in arresting people who are in this country illegally.

Those arguments assume these are “good cops” they're talking about. You don't hear much about “bad cops” who could dangle the threat of deportation over those they encounter to coerce information, confessions or degrading sexual acts out of them.

After all, 62-year-old Anaheim cop Bradley Stewart Wagner did that without the powers of a new immigration law.

Check out the Orange County District Attorney's Office statement on the now-former APD officer's conviction after the jump, and think about similar tarnished badge holders in Arizona.

May 17, 2010


A former police officer for the Anaheim Police Department
(APD) was convicted today of victimizing three women while on duty in a
marked police patrol car, including threatening to have two of them
deported and forcing one to orally copulate him. Bradley Stewart Wagner,
62, Perris, pleaded guilty to one felony count each of forcible oral
copulation and oral copulation under the color of authority for Jane Doe
#1, one felony count of sexual battery by restraint for Jane Doe #2,
and one felony count of false imprisonment by violence or deceit and one
misdemeanor count of being an officer acting without regular process
for Jane Doe #3. Wagner faces a sentence of four years in state prison
at his sentencing on July 14, 2010, at 8:30 a.m. in Department C-55,
Central Justice Center, Santa Ana.

Jane Doe #1

Shortly after midnight on Nov. 11, 2005, Wagner turned on his overhead
lights and pulled Jane Doe #1 over on Kramer Boulevard while on-duty in a
marked patrol car. The victim, who is primarily a Spanish speaker, was
driving home alone from work in her van and pulled over in a parking

Wagner approached the victim's window and asked if she had any legal
papers or a driver's license. Upon learning that Jane Doe #1 did not
have any legal papers, the defendant told the victim that he could have
her deported and instructed her to move her car across the street into
another parking lot on East La Jolla Avenue. The defendant followed Jane
Doe #1 across the street, had her get out of her vehicle, and fondled
her breasts under the false pretense of searching her.  He told the
crying victim that he wanted sex from her in exchange for not having her

Wagner again instructed Jane Doe #1 to move her van, this time leading
her to a dark, secluded industrial area. He had Jane Doe #1 get out of
her van, pulled up her shirt to expose her bra, and forced her to pull
down her pants. The victim pleaded for the defendant to stop and told
him she was married with children. The defendant exposed his erect penis
and forced Jane Doe #1 to orally copulate him by repeatedly pushing her
head down as she gagged and struggled to pull away. The defendant
finally released the victim as she began to vomit. He then wrote a phone
number on a lottery ticket, gave it to the victim, and left.

Jane Doe #1 reported the sexual assault the following day to APD. As a
result of media coverage on this case, two additional victims came
forward. None of the three victims know each other or the defendant.

Jane Doe #2

Between Oct. 31, 2005, and Nov. 5, 2005, Wagner pulled over Jane Doe #2,
an unlicensed Spanish speaking woman, on two occasions while on-duty in
a marked patrol car. The second time Jane Doe #2 was pulled over,
Wagner had the victim follow him into a secluded alley behind a
business. The defendant asked Jane Doe #2 for sex after telling her that
she could be deported or be sent to jail, and rubbed her vagina over
her clothes. Wagner asked the victim for sex, but let her go after she
resisted and agreed to meet him the following night. The victim did not
return to meet the defendant.

Jane Doe #3

Between Sept. 1, 2005, and Nov. 10, 2005, Wagner pulled over Jane Doe
#3, an undocumented Spanish speaking woman, on four occasions while
on-duty in a marked patrol car. The defendant asked the victim personal
questions, including whether she was married or had children, and let
her go each time without writing her a ticket.         

Deputy District Attorney
Lynda Fernandez is prosecuting this case.

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