Boyz II Men

At the height of their powers, Boyz II Men harkened back to the soulful days of Motown. The quartet, in fact, blew up with Coolhighharmony off the storied label in 1991. When the group released “End of the Road,” the single propelled them into the stratospheres of R&B. The crooners followed up with the wildly successfully II and ended their reign of the decade with millions of albums sold (back when albums sold millions!). Their legacy is cemented with baby making hits like “I’ll Make Love to You,” and the tear-jerker “One Sweet Day” with fellow 90s R&B powerhouse Mariah Carey. Boyz II Men continues on touring as a trio with eleven albums now under their belt. The end of the road for the group isn’t approaching anytime soon.

Thu., Sept. 10, 7:30 p.m., 2015

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