Bottle Logic: A New Brewery Coming To Anaheim

Another brewery joins OC's ever-expanding craft beer scene!

Bottle Logic Brewing was started by homebrewing buddies Wes Parker, Steve Napolitano and Brandon Buckner, who decided to turn a hobby into a career. They're opening a 6,000 square-foot tasting room and 15-barrel brewing facility near the 91 and 57 freeway intersection in Anaheim.


The plan is to open in late September with six beers, including an Imperial ESB, Double IPA and Czech Pilsner. Utilizing a robust pilot system, they'll also offer a unique release each week in the tasting room.

“We love exploring new styles of beer and we think other people will love joining us on our quest for new flavors,” the trio wrote in an email.

Fans can follow the brewery's progress on Facebook.

Bottle Logic Brewing is located at 1072 North Armando Street in Anaheim.

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