Booze Classes at the Mixing Glass, Our Drink of (Last) Week!

It’s the New Year, which means time to pick a resolution that’ll stick. Here’s an easy one: sign up for one of the monthly booze classes offered by Gabrielle Dion through her fabulous Mixing Glass cocktail shop at the OC Mix in Costa Mesa. The classes aren’t held at her store—too small for overflow audiences. Instead, it’s held just around the corner and comes with samples, pamphlets and even the opportunity to make your own cocktails.

The classes cover all of boozedom. Last month was American whiskey; I attended a sherry one in the fall. Sometimes, it’s as simple as Mixology 101; other times, it’s how to make your own bitters. And after everything is done, you can buy the highlighted drink back at the Mixing Glass (don’t forget to take a classy drinking glass with you). All the classes are fabulous—and all of them sell out within hours of being announced, so sign up for Dion’s mailing list, and make this resolution stick.

The Mixing Glass, 3313 Hyland Ave., Ste. A-6, Costa Mesa, (714) 975-9952. Sign up for the mailing list at in**@th****************.com

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