Boost Your Indie Cred At The Jumpin' Chupacabra Music & Arts Festival

For this year's Jumpin' Chupacabra Music & Arts Festival (the second ever), the two day fest that starts tomorrow in Lake Forest will feature music from over 20 local bands for just $5 a day. Bands like Flowers For Algernon I Hate You Just Kidding and Canyons are part of the bill, but so will comedians Michael Kaye and Jacob Perkins, and live art (live stencil work and face painting!)

The event is the brainstorm of five friends–David Barkschat, Timothy Craven and his brother Matthew, Sarah Natale and Ali Coyle–who started the event because (as most of them aren't 21 yet) they wanted an all ages, free venue for bands to play. “All the venues around here, you have
to be 21 and over, so we wanted to set something up for everyone to enjoy,” Coyle, who is also in the bands Oliver Jane, and This Time with FEELING, said over the phone.
The name “Jumpin' Chupacabra” is a tribute of sorts to the smoothie store where everyone in the group used to work called Jumpin' Juice and Java. “It went out of business, but when we started, we would put on shows there weekends and nights,” Coyle explained. 

Last year, the group paid for everything out of pocket and made $600 profit–money that they used to hold this year's festival. “We really wanted to get a local music scene together,” Coyle said. When they're not holding a summer festival, the Jumpin' Chupacabras have two permanent residencies–one at OC Bagels in Laguna Hills every first Friday of every month, and another every second Saturday at the Waterloo Station Coffee House in Mission Viejo. “For this festival we have all kinds of bands,” Coyle said, explaining the lineup. “We have ska, indie rock, disco…we tried to showcase every genre.”

Friday, July 23:

The Sun
Pulse Out
Airborne Age
Your Yellow Dress Presents: The
Stereo Soul Movement
Lovely Bad Things
Greg Walters
Hate You Just Kidding
Little Desert
Ashes To Funk

July 24:

Set To Sea
This Time With FEELING
Flowers For
Save The Swim Team
Genuine Uprising
Swim Team
Electronic Meat
Strike Twelve

Doors open at
noon, tickets are $5 and its all ages. It will be held at Montessori On The Lake,

23311 Muirlands Blvd., Lake Forest.

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