Boom Boom Room Thisclose To Closing For Good

This is a sad day for the Laguna Beach gay community. Any hopes of re-opening historical gay club Boom Boom Room have pretty much been smushed.

The Register explains in this article plans to renovate the club, which closed its fabulous doors last September. The Boom was the oldest gay bar in the Western United States.

What will take its place? A '40s-style hotel (just what Laguna needs, right?).

According to the article, there had been a chance to save it, though:

In the face of strong opposition from the gay community, Emerald Financial had put the land and two nearby parcels for sale after its April 2005 purchase with an asking price of more than $20 million.

Emerald Financial had entertained offers to sell the properties, but August’s subprime real estate crisis became a roadblock for interested buyers who couldn’t get loans or afford the down payment. When no good offers had surfaced by January, (owner Steven Udvar-Hazy) decided to move ahead preserving the inn.

What, nobody’s got 20 million laying around?

Although the situation looks bleak, Save The Boom activist Fred Karger isn’t giving up, he’s working to flood Hazy’s Los Angeles office with yellow “Save the Boom” protest cards.
Click here if you want to help fight the losing battle…

So sad. I'll always have the memories of falling in love with that go-go dancer…
(Hey, he told me has was straight.)

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