Book by Weekly Managing Editor Nick Schou About Late Reporter Gary Webb Being Turned into Movie!

In 2006, Weekly managing editor Nick Schou published Kill the Messanger: How the CIA's Crack-Cocaine Controversy Destroyed Journalist Gary Webb, a gripping, well-told tale about the reporter who more than anyone unveiled how the CIA played all sorts of dirty tricks during the 1980s drug war in Southern California. Almost immediately, everyone started asking Nick when the movie version of the book would appear, but the ever-humble guy always played them off, knowing full well the byzantine world of Hollywood. But I always urged him to keep the faith, knowing a great yarn when I saw one.

Well, as Nick's keeper at this infernal rag, I'm honored to announce that Kill the Messenger is now slated to become a Hollywood film–WHOA…
] broke the story, and scheduled to direct is Michael Cuesta (executive producer of the badass Homeland), scheduled to star is Jeremy Renner (who my chica just got a boner upon me mentioning his name, so I take it he's somebody big), and the script will come from Peter Landesman, who just so happens to be directing a JFK film right now co-produced by Tom Hanks. This ain't no Kickstarter bullshit–this is the real deal.

Congrats, Nick! And think you can write a cameo into the move for me as some crazy Salvadoran FMLN activist?

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