Bonobos Your Man

It takes a lot to get Weeklings to Fashion Island. We don't dress like Andy from The Office, and shit, do you know how much writers are paid? Yet the opening of the Bonobos Guideshop offers something different.

It began as an online store in 2007, when owners Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly were in Stanford Business School. Tired of experiencing what they call “khaki diaper butt” and dress-shirt muffin tops that sucked all the cool out of a suit, they wanted to put together a streamlined collection of menswear that actually fit well.

In 2012, Bonobos opened “guideshops” as showrooms for clothing. Nothing there is for sale, but it's a place where men can get custom-fitted in Bonobos, then have their choices shipped to them in a few days. It's a curious idea; if you're putting in the effort to go shopping, don't you want to leave with something? On the other hand, there is a collection available at the Nordstrom across the street, and you'll never run into the bummer situation of an item being out of stock.

Bonobos now has 16 guideshops, and yes, the chinos truly do fit. Once men figure out their Bonobos sizing, there's no need to try on different styles: all pants and shirts have the same fit and clock in at less than 100 bucks. Plus, the pants are all sewn from American-made, Cone Mill fabric. If you're looking to up your class, a trip to the guideshop is worth it: no crowds, a great-looking ass, and you'll feel as if you can afford Fashion Island.

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