Bon Epi Adds Donut Stuffed With Ice Cream to Its Menu

Bon Epi Patisserie at Irvine's Diamond Jamboree Plaza has added ice cream to its menu. What's more, it's offering what it calls “Creamery Buns” where you can put that ice cream into not just donuts a la Afters, but also macarons, waffles, croissants or cream puffs for about $5.00. The price includes a free topping (cereal, nuts, and sprinkles).


The ice cream is also offered plain in scoops, starting at $3.50. But you also have the option of making it an affogato for $5 or as a float for $5.50. The flavors don't seem run of the mill either. I saw “milk and cereal”, Thai tea, Vietnamese iced coffee, pineapple guava, and red velvet.

It's not the first time Bon Epi has tried something new to distinguish itself from the pack (and, ahem, 85 Degrees). At one time, it offered a Kogi-style burrito with kalbi and Korean spicy pork.

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