Bobbi Kristina Brown Needs Help, Will Anyone Provide It?

Recently, it has come to light that Bobbi Kristina Brown (for those of you who for whatever don't know who she is, that's the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown) started to follow in her famous parents' footsteps at the age of 14, when she was only a freshman. According to a classmate from Edison High School in Huntington Beach, Bobbi Kristina was very nice, but was known as a hard partier.

The source told that young Bobbi Kristina didn't seem to have “much supervision” and “was living life on the edge.” It's only been a few weeks since her mother's death, but it seems like Bobbi Kristina seems to be partying harder than ever, which is saying something if you are familiar with her past.


As has been well documented not only in the past weeks, but decade or
so, young Bobbi Kristina's partying has been out of control, which
included getting high after her mother's funeral. You would think that
if she had strong a family structure, that someone would have stepped in
and provided the help and attention she needs.

The article also stated that she had a reputation
for throwing parties and having sex at the family's Atlanta area home.
It isn't news that she's having sex or throwing parties, kids do that.
What's more alarming is the neglect and selfishness of her parents.
Instead of taking care of their children, Houston and Brown were
fighting each other, were worried about their respective careers and
doing drugs.

Perhaps the most tragic aspect of Houston's death was that her daughter has to live with the aftermath of what is clearly poor parenting. Unless Bobby Brown steps up (I'm not sure what his relationship with his daughter is, but now's as good of a time than ever to focus on parenting instead of his career), then his daughter is going to continue on her downward spiral, one that has already claimed the life of her mother. A daughter is left without a mother and a strong female influence who she could count on in her life. To see that Bobbi Kristina continued to go hard after her mother's death is alarming and shocking. It was as if she was raised by wolves who had little to no understanding what it meant to be a parent.

I hope that before it's too late, Bobbi Kristina gets the help and care she deserves. She's young enough to turn her life around and become an inspiration to many instead of becoming another victim to horrible disease called addiction. The disease has already taken away her mother and if her family can rally around her provide the privacy, attention and care that a normal household does, and then she'll turn it around. Thankfully her grandmother, Cissy Houston (Whitney's mother) and Bobby's sister Leolah, have voiced concern about her alarming behavior. Cissy has encouraged Bobbi Kristina to live with the family in New Jersey. Instead of encouraging, she should take Bobbi Kristina in and then hopefully, we'll hear less about Bobbi Kristina's hard-partying ways that have been the topic of tabloid fodder in the past few weeks. We hope that the family does what's best for Bobbi Kristina and her brother in their time of need. 

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