Bob Saget is a Giver

Being Bob Saget is really a full-time job. Figuratively and literally. He is always working (bravo for that) and in turn, always entertaining us, always giving back, and somehow, always manages to remain humble. He's also a sweet guy for staying in town to do a weekend run at the Irvine Improv (May 29th through 31st) and on June 5th, to host the “Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine” benefit show for the Scleroderma Research Foundation at the Beverly Wilshire. Since we know he keeps a hectic schedule we were pleased as punch (please punch us if we ever say that again) that he found time to chat with us about his upcoming gigs, getting older, and promoting of all kinds.


OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Happy belated birthday! Hopefully you had a good one.

Bob Saget: Thank you! It was good, I'm 59 which is now on the cusp of reality so, you know. It's interesting. But I had a really nice time. Sometimes I fight birthdays but it's hard to do. [Laughs.] And it's nice to get calls from people on your birthday. I'm really loving aging, thank you.

Yeah, I'm anti-birthday. My grandma is 89 and I've decided I only want to live until 88.

[Laughs.] Well you never know now because I know some old people that I've met that are like, 103, and she's just sitting there smiling with her cane. I'm like wow, she's fortunate enough to not have her mind go and that's a great thing. If you're able to have the quality of life where you are not falling down just flushing the toilet, I think you're doing ok!

Ha!! Well since there are no promises, I'm still going for 88.

It's good that you have a plan. I feel like you're minutes from a book.

Yes, I'll write a book about dying young-ish and randomly namedrop you throughout because you thought of the idea. Do you think it would be a big hit?

[Laughs.] I don't know but it could be! I'm still pushing my book up the hill. My book as you know [Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian], is a New York Times best seller. Anything can happen. I'm actually doing this scleroderma thing on the 5th and then I'm going to Chicago to do another book talk where I talk with a moderator and sign books. It's a great and successful feeling.

You've also been really successful with raising money for the Scleroderma Research Foundation. That's kind of a hard one to pronounce huh?

Yeah, it's not a great name. And derma to me is a deli item that is called “kishka” and it's like this slimy stuffed intestine. If that's how I remember a disease, I don't want none of that on a plate! It would be a horrible charades title.

Oh my god yes, that would suck! I looked the event up but I'd much rather hear the details from you so, spill.

Of course! June 5th we're taking over a big ballroom at the Beverly Wilshire and it's really going to be great. I've been involved with the foundation for a really long time and it's raised over 35 million dollars with these benefits. It's been branded “Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine” and Sharon Monsky is the founder. She wanted to go to the Olympics to figure skate but then got scleroderma and she lived her life with it, had three kids, and wanted to find a cure for it. She really was a remarkable woman, she's our Yoda. Or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yoda's not as attractive as Obi-Wan. Neither of them look that great actually. You know, I don't think Star Wars metaphors work for this.

Not so much but way to be topical! It seems like it'll be a night to remember because you have some big names attached to the event!

I think this is the 37th show and I've hosted like, 27 of them. Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken will be cooking the 7 course meal which is really only one course but they serve it seven times. This year Jimmy Kimmel will be doing the auction with me, Jeff Garlin will be performing and it's his birthday that night, Jim Gaffigan is flying in from New York for it which is just amazing, and my friend John Mayer is also going to do some songs at the end. We'll have a full orchestra on stage the whole time too, so if the food doesn't settle well, the music will cover it up.

You've really thought of everything. You're doing Irvine this weekend and it'll be your first time in the new club. You pretty pumped?

I was supposed to do it before but I ended up having to film something. So this time, I'm doing three nights there and what I know is, it's a bigger club. And it allows me to stay in town which is good because I don't love the road. I was on a mini tour about a month ago so it was like being on the road. And I want every show to be great no matter where it is. You know me, you've talked to me for years. I want to remember every show like it's a date to me. We're all having a very memorable time with someone and then I remember I'm going to do it five times in Irvine. Five little meetings in the Spectrum. I could do it all in one shot but I like spacing it out because then I can write new stuff and try to end up with a special at the end of that. Sewing all of the pieces together like patchwork. That's the fun part about it too when you do a club, you're able to take some chances and try new stuff. I really want to entertain the shit out of these people.

Be sure to catch Bob Saget at the Irvine Improv May 29th through 31st, 31 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 854-5455. For tickets go to Also be sure to grab tickets to “Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine” at the Beverly Wilshire June 5th benefiting the Scleroderma Research Foundation by going to For more info on Bob, go to his website and follow him on Twitter @BobSaget.

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