Bob Saget

Maybe it’s because he has lived his whole life with a last name that is dangerously close to a horrible slur, but Bob Saget has a foulmouthed chip on his shoulder. For most of his career, he was America’s sweetheart as the ringleader of a groin-hitting and animal-mocking collection of home videos, as well as the mild-mannered Danny Tanner of Full House. However, the past several years have seen Bob try his damnedest to erase all of that from America’s memory and reclaim his image as one of the sickest comics out there. Carlin and Bruce may have battled with the law over comedic obscenities, but they don’t have anything on this guy’s jokes of debaucherous drug acts and animal fornication. And don’t forget his legendary take on the Aristocrats joke!
Fri., June 24; Sat., June 25, 2011

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