Bob Dylan's Words Blowin' In the Wind

Attending a Bob Dylan concert isn't what it used to be. It's not so much about the music anymore. His voice is raspier and his words more slurred than ever. In many of the songs he performed opening night of the Orange County Fair, the lyrics were entirely indistinguishable. But it was Bob fuckin' Dylan. As one man in the audience mentioned, “It's okay if Bob Dylan forgets some words to his own songs; we can't understand him anyway!” A Dylan concert is about being in the presence of a music legend and commemorating a man whose contributions to music are vast and irreplaceable. And there was plenty of celebrating at the Pacific Amphitheatre, enough to make a musician years beyond his prime feel welcome. The crowd knew Dylan is now 70, that 50 years of music-making and smoking have worn his vocal chords thin. Some expressed disappointment that even when his popular tunes were played—”Like a Rolling Stone” and “All Along the Watchtower” in the encore—the band didn't use the original arrangement, opting for something with a livelier pace that, some assume, could help mask the vocals. And yet, by the end of the nearly two-hour show, much of the lawn crowd was on its feet, fans were still dancing and the doobies were being burned down to the last bit of smokable substance. From a July 16 Heard Mentality blog post by Chasen Marshall.


Rebecca Black
is back, this time with a new single, “My Moment.” The song centers on the teen's catapult to fame, and in it, she says, “See ya later” to haters 'cause “everybody knows this is my moment, my moment.” To which we'd like to say, “No, honey, that was six months ago, but okay.” The Anaheim teen sings more than two notes this time (maybe like six), and she also dances! It's a lot less terrible than “Friday,” which makes it less awesome. From a July 18 post by Michelle Woo.


The Sept. 4 dance/electronic/DJ traveling show Identity Festival was originally scheduled at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Now it has been announced that it will, instead, stop at San Manuel Amphitheater. According to the festival's website, the event will be a “world unto itself with plenty to look at, do, see and hear.” And you thought the candy-flipping days of the '90s were ancient history. Three stages will feature performances from 20 musical artists and DJs including Pretty Lights, Disco Biscuits and Crystal Method, as well as DJs Steve Aoki and Shadow. From a July 15 post by Brandon Ferguson.

Bob Dylan Opens OC Fair

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