Blue Whales Stage Shows Off Dana Point

There's been an uptick in blue whale sightings off the Orange County coast the past couple days, according to a popular excursion company.

Sunday, passengers aboard some Dana Wharf Sportsfishing boats, which depart out of Dana Point Harbor, counted 14 sightings of blue whales.

Four have been reported spotted so far today.

Sunday's boats were a tad over 12 miles off the Dana Point coast, but today's were only 6 miles south of the harbor, according to Dana Wharf Sportsfishing's Donna Kalez.

Many of the blue whales were very large indeed, according to witnesses.

See for yourself from some of the photos now up on the Dana Wharf Sportsfishing Facebook page. Kalez promises more updates and video are to come. This post will be updated if and when we have more to show you.

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