Blue Light “Speak Cheesy” Offering One Final Pop-Up!

If you recall our post last month regarding Andrea Chetakian’s pop-up finale inside Fullerton’s Rialto Cafe, then you’ll understand the deliciousness of this update. Yes, Andrea reached out to us with the cheesy news! Before you hop in your fuel-efficient car on a Friday night, keep reading. The menu is still grilled, but the details require some ironing out.

First off, it’ll be on a THURSDAY next week— February 25. The other big detail: We’re headed to Anaheim. Her pal, Aaron Flora, runs a secret spot called Renewable Farms. He’s graciously hosting this one-night-only affair between the hours of 6-10 p.m. A non-profit, organic and sustainable space utilizing aquaponics, it’s a chill backdrop for our last bit of cheesy news— live bands. Throughout the night, you’ll be entertained by Ellie Mae and the Ricochets, Creepy Trees and Reverend Baron.  

The Blue Light Farm Night will feature their winning formula of beer and grilled cheese selections. Food will be payable via cash and credit, so an ATM stop isn’t required. Set your Waze to 1426 E Vermont Ave and keep your eyes peeled for the familiar chalkboard. We can’t wait!

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