Bloom Disposable Vape Pen Is Full of Green Crack

Available at 10 Spot Collective in Santa Ana CA

While vaping is not the first choice of most users of medical marijuana, the convenience of getting high discreetly can’t be beat. I vape on my day off while running around doing chores, a few hits here and there. This is where the Bloom disposable vape pen with Green Crack works perfectly. Green Crack is high grade Sativa and a direct descendant of the Skunk 1 strain, so you can either vape heavily to get stoned or just take it easy during the day, not get too high, but just enough to make the drudgery of washing clothes, grocery shopping or random housework fun and hopefully you won’t forget to buy real food and not just junk! Ha!

The vape pen itself is the second generation disposable made by Bloom, so they have improved the design and function. The pen is perfectly small and sleek, the THC is measured at about 70 percent and each puff will deliver about 2.3 mg giving you about 90 puffs per pen. Take about four to six puffs and you’ll develop a great buzz; keep puffing and you’ll end up eating that whole pizza and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. I also used the Bloom pen before bedtime to help myself get to sleep, Sativa doesn’t affect me like most so I get very relaxed and slightly buzzed. I sleep well but wake up with the munchies! The Bloom disposable vape pen is a high quality product inside and out.

Available at 10 Spot Collective 3242 S. Halladay St. Santa Ana. 800-836-7768. $25.


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