Blinking Owl Distillery Breaking Ground in Santa Ana TODAY

Hold your horses everybody, you still have to wait to drink, but a little bit of an update for you: Today, ground has broken on what could be Orange County's only distillery. The Blinking Owl, based out of Santa Ana, broke ground today, with an opening target of February 2016.


The distillery will be based out of the Logan Creative art complex, located along the five, just about equidistant between the Santa Ana and 17th Street exits. It might be just slightly more of a walk from the downtown core, but it's only a few blocks from The Roost, which is also starting to ramp up.

Blinking Owl will focus on vodka, gin, whiskeys, and specialty spirits when it's open, which can't come soon enough. Best of luck on your build out, Blinking Owl. Can't wait to try your booze.

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