Blaze Pizza, Build-Your-Own-Pizza Joint To Open Soon; Offering “Free Pizza Day”

Blaze Pizza, the build-your-own pizza joint that a few LA blogs are dubbing as a “knockoff” of 800 Degrees in LA is opening in a few short weeks, but definitely by August, in Irvine across from UCI.


LIke Pie-o-logy before it, Blaze takes the Chipotle concept and applies it to pizza-making. As I said when I first posted about it in April, the person behind the restaurant is Elise Wetzel, wife of the founder of the Wetzel Pretzel chain and who herself is the founder and president of the iSold It chain of eBay drop- off stores.

Before they officially open, they're going to offer invitations for a “Free Pizza Day” to those who “like” them on Facebook. They've also released the menu.

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