BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert Coming to Garden Grove

We were eating working in Garden Grove when our friend pointed out a new tenant in the plaza. Formerly a Beard Papa, the replacement dessert spot is Taiwan-based BlackBall. With an outpost in San Gabriel, this is the chain’s first Orange County spot since its creation in 2006. Their windows are still covered up, but we anticipate an opening sooner rather than later.

The name is derived from a combination of xain cao, a ‘black’ jelly, and the yam ‘balls’ featured in their desserts. Offering a variety of treats, you’ll first want to decide whether go with aiyu, matcha or grass jelly. The ability to select a preferred temperature makes it perfect for those sensitive to heat or cold. Additional crushed ice tastes with a slew of add-ons are custom goodness in a dish. But if you prefer to slurp your sweets through a straw, they’ve got you covered. Think Meet Fresh in Diamond Jamboree, but with a slightly better chance of scoring a parking space.

BlackBall Taiwanese Dessert will be located at 13908-A Brookhurst St, Garden Grove.

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