Black Sheep Bistro to Close :-(

Oh, I can tell you stories about Black Sheep Bistro: about how the ladies taken there by gents were immediately smitten by the Continental atmosphere of the place, how the guys enjoyed the meat-heavy, French-Spanish-Catalan-influenced meals, how both sexes enjoyed much wine and made much merriment afterward. The decor wasn't much, the dining room tiny. Black Sheep wasn't the most amazing of restaurants, but few other places
'round town bothered with serving a proper paella. Their website was
always about a decade too old, but that was part of the charm– Black Sheep Bistro was a relic, a place that came into creation before the smartening of the American culinary palate.

I need to use the past tense, alas: the owners announced on Facebook that they are closing the place after 21 years. More after the jump!

 Au revoir and vaya con Diós, Black Sheep…and let's see who the new restaurateurs who are scheduled to move into the building have to say…

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