Bistro West to Open Mid-Month, Marmalade Cafe in Spring

in Tustin, despite the failing economy.  Bistro West and Marmalade Cafe are close to being done. 

For Bistro West, this will be the second location.  The original is a few miles south, in Carlsbad.  
For Marmalade Cafe, this will be the tenth.  The first hailed out of L.A.
Bistro West is opening sometime this month.  Preview dinners are happening this week for a few invited guests.
Marmalade is debuting in February.
This is all very good for The District (although probably not very good for The Winery, which is sandwiched in between the new entrants), but in looking at the menu, I'm not seeing much to distinguish the two from each other.
Take a look:
Each has a similar roster of pizzas, pastas, meats, sandwiches, salads.  Maybe it's just me, but on paper it seems I'm lookin' at twins, separated at birth, now re-united.  If anyone's tried any of the other locations of these restaurants, please chime in and answer this question:  Is there anything to get excited about here?

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